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Helpful Tips If You Have To Move Your Pool Table

Helpful Tips If You Have To Move Your Pool Table

Helpful Tips If You Have To Move Your Pool Table

Moving a pool table to your new home can be quite challenging but some people enjoy the challenge. These individuals will often decide to move it on their own with a few helping hands. Is this the right choice? Probably not. Pool tables weigh a lot and are shockingly fragile. Moving a pool table requires both muscle and technical ability. There are lots of moving companies in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas that have an experienced moving crew, some with dedicated experience in pool tables in particular, so calling in the pros makes sense. However, if you choose to go solo with some bulky armed friends, keep reading for tips on how to keep your pool table damage free.

Disassembling The Table

If you want to move a pool table on your own with some friends, then you have to take it apart first. Your initial inclination might be to try and move the table as-is, carefully twisting and turning it through stairwells and doorways, but this is a really bad idea. Not only are you needlessly risking damage to the table, but also to walls and floors. You are also jeopardizing the health of your friends and fellow movers.

Disassemble your pool table with care, making sure to identify, label, and catalog all the individual components so that reassembly does not turn into a jigsaw nightmare. You also spare yourself from not putting the table back together because you wind up missing a single bolt.

The Challenging Part

The one task in this whole process that is the most challenging is not moving the heavy pieces, but getting the felt off of the slate. Removing the felt prior to transport is a critical step because it drastically cuts down on your chances of damage while moving. If you aren’t planning on reusing the same felt, it is a little easier because you can just tear it all off. However, safe removal is your only choice if you plan on using it over again. This task will bore the daylights out of you and eat up a lot of your time. If you choose to not go the do-it-yourself route, enjoy the fact that many specialized movers can include new felt in their moving price.

A Heavy Load

Hopefully, you know some very strong friends and family to give you a hand. The slate of a pool table alone can weigh as much as 700 pounds. Even if a table is detached into multiple pieces, each single piece might weigh as much as a grown man. So make sure that your moving group has a number of big biceps in the bunch. Muscle alone isn’t enough though, as your moving group has to treat the table delicately. Even the slightest ding in the slate can mess up all your future games of pool.

Creating Space

The biggest consideration in where you put your pool table is of course going to be how big the room is. The second consideration to take into account is what kind of carpeting the room has. Leveling a pool table on any carpeting is hard, but thicker rugs complicate the situation further. If games of pool are going to be fair yet fun, the table has to be level. Either choose a room that has no carpet, or just pull it up before you put the table in.

Putting It Back Together

Begin the reassembly process with the legs and frame. You’ll have an easier time doing this with the table upside down, but be sure to keep a strong body around to give you a hand flipping the table back up. Once you do that, you can put the slate back into your frame. Get shims and a carpenter’s level to make the slate level with the floor of the table’s new home room. Finish up this part of reassembly by layering an application of beeswax to screw holes and the seams. Apply the new (or old) felt, and ease through wrinkles using a metal paint scraper. Keep an eye out again for creases in the felt as you get the rails on again. Your moved table is no good without a surface that is as level and smooth as before.

Once you finish putting yourself, family, and friends through this hassle, you might just kick yourself for not having called in seasoned Jacksonville professionals to handle it for you. Good luck with your move!