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Office Moves

Office Moves

Office Moves

As business expands, the need to move to another location and change zip codes becomes a necessity. The reason for moving may be because of a bigger office space, necessary change of environment to stick to the company’s brand, or to make the office more accessible to its staff and clients. While the reasons for moving often vary, one thing remains consistent: the need for a corporate relocation company.

Availing of business relocation services are imperative because they have sufficient knowledge when it comes to moving office equipment and furniture, they know what routes to take, and they will make make the entire moving process easy for you. Think of it as receiving another pair of hands and releasing a huge load of stress off your back.

With more thousands of commercial moving companies present these days, how can you make sure that you will receive quality service and that you won’t be scammed? We’ve come up with some tips in helping you choose the perfect office moving services for your company:


There is a vast array of moving companies for businesses all over the world wide web. You can check their websites so you can know more about them and the services that they offer. Some companies have online calculators that give you an estimate of the amount that you will be spending. This feature makes it easier for you to decide if your company has enough budget to avail of their company relocation services or not. It has been discovered that some relocation companies have hidden charges that show up after sending the bill to the client which usually causes a rift between the two parties. You can prevent this problem from happening by choosing companies that are transparent with the amount they’ll be charging you from the very beginning.

You can also take the shorter route by asking other companies for their recommendations. Ask them about their experience with the office moving companies they hired and if they would recommend them. Kind words are always written in company websites that’s why it’s best to get feedback and recommendations from people who already had a firsthand experience with a certain commercial relocation company. This will also enable you to get rid of unreliable, careless, and untrustworthy professional furniture movers. After all, people choose products and services based on reviews and feedback. That is the trend these days.


If your office is based in Jacksonville, FL, it wouldn’t be wise to hire professional furniture movers based in New York City because that would incur additional expenses which is not practical. Go around the neighborhood, ask around because chances are, the perfect business relocation partner is just a couple of blocks away from your office. Local companies who offer office relocation services are also familiar with the routes in the neighborhood, so they know which streets to avoid. They can also plan out the most efficient and effective way to move your office furniture.

When you choose local office furniture movers, you can visit their office, meet their staff, and take a look at their moving equipment. This will give you a sense of how they deal with their clients, and you will know how your office furniture will be handled based on their equipment. You also need to find out if they can issue an insurance to protect the office and equipment just in case an accident happens. You can easily choose moving companies once you see their office and meet their people.


Do you need them to help you pack all of the office furniture and equipment? Are you only after their flexible storage services? Do you need them to help out with corporate relocation? Do you just need help packing boxes? These are things that you need to ask yourself before hiring furniture movers. Each service has a different cost so you need to find out if you only need one or all of the services that they offer. Not all furniture movers offer full-service options so you need to consider that as well.


The last thing you’d want to happen is to give your money that you don’t even own to scammers. Moving companies will promise you the moon and the stars so it’s very important that you research about these furniture movers before entering an agreement with them. Steer clear of third party websites that claim that they will help you find movers and help you with the transaction. More often than not, these third party websites will charge you an unreasonable fee, they are unregulated, and are run by scammers.


While most furniture movers make their rates accessible to the public by posting them on their website, it’s still best to go to their office and ask for a quotation. You might have a different interpretation of the details on their website so it’s best to ask them directly and have all of your questions answered. Tell their staff about the products that you want to avail and ask them about the corresponding fees. Also, make sure that the staff puts his/her printed name and signature on the quoted price for proper documentation. Office mover costs an arm and a leg these days so it’s best to look for companies that offer reasonable office mover prices and quality service. They offer local and statewide moving but more importantly, their prices are reasonable and their service is exceptional.

One of the highly recommended furniture movers are the B & B Movers based in Jacksonville, FL. This family owned business has been moving home and office furniture for 35 years now and their clients have nice things to say about them. This furniture movers caters to local and long distance clients, making sure that they get quality service and peace of mind. They have mastered the art of packing, storing, and moving furniture so you know that you’re in good hands when you work with B & B Movers. Their area of service includes:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Neptune Beach
  • Ponte Verde Beach
  • Green Cove Springs
  • Macclenny
  • Callahan
  • Orange Park

They are licensed, insured, and they have all the legal documents to prove that they are not a fly by night company. You can visit their office at 3340 Forest Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246 or call their landline at (904) 997-1844. You can also check their website, https://bandbmovers.com to know more about their products and services. Their website will also give you an idea as to how much you will be paying based on the furniture mover services that you will be availing from B&B Movers.