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Local Moves

Local Moves

Local Moves

Fact: no matter how much you want to save some extra cash and do some diy when moving your items, you will still end up hiring residential movers. Don’t be fooled by the illusion that packing things and moving things on your own is more practical because the truth is, you’ll only end up going beyond your budget once your items get damaged or once you encounter problems while moving. Professional movers are equipped with the right tools and skill set needed to move all of your appliances, equipment, and furniture with caution at the soonest possible time.

Different items require different packing tools and styles and this is exactly what an apartment mover has in his toolbox. They have heavy duty packing tape and bubble wrap for all those fragile items and appliances that will protect them from any possible damage. They also know how to properly store your items, and you can avail of their storage services should you encounter some problems while moving.

Moving helpers are available in every city, each with a different set of services, specializations, and rates. There are also differences in their track records: some are oozing with positive feedback while others have thumbs down ratings that could go on forever. There are scammers in the business too, which is why it’s important that you ask around and do your research before entering an agreement with any of these companies. The geographic location also plays an important role. Long distance movers tend to charge higher than interstate distance movers mainly because of the distance and additional transport costs. It is highly recommended that you avail the services of local movers if the place you’re moving to is just around the neighborhood since they are familiar with the neighborhood and they know what routes to take.


If for example you live in Jacksonville, you can use the keywords “movers near me” to look for Jacksonville, FL movers and packers. It’s best to make the search for furniture movers more specific, since it’s difficult to spot local movers when browsing the internet. Articles and websites will give you different recommendations, along with a list of their rates, products, and services. You will also see maps that show the geographic locations of these furniture movers, making it easier for you to filter out the ones that are too far from where you are.


Aside from doing research and asking around for recommendations, it’s best to visit the office of the furniture movers so you can meet their staff and so you can look around their office. This step is important since it will allow you to assess if these are the people you want to work with. Are they friendly? Do you like how they treat their customers? These are important since they will be helping you in moving items that are of significant value to you. While at their office, you should also take a look at the tools and equipment that they will be using to pack, store, and move your products. You must make sure that the tools and equipment are still in good condition. You can also tell them about the services that you want to avail and ask for an estimate. Ask them to put their signature beside the price that they’ll be giving you to avoid sudden price changes in the future.


Before the moving date, a representative from the moving company of your choice may visit your house, take a look at the items that will be moved, and come up with a strategy to streamline the moving process. Proper inventorying is crucial when moving to make sure that you have all of the items with you when you arrive at your new location. More than that, it allows the moving company to provide you accurate estimates of the services you want to avail. It is highly suggested that you organize the inventory list according to items that are stored per room. The list should also include boxes that will be needed and method of packing that will be required.


Local movers are familiar with the rules and regulations so they know when the best time to move all of your items is. They also know what days have the least number of cars on the road so it’s easier and faster to move all of your appliances, equipment, and other items. Local movers can also assist you in the proper packing of your items. They know what items can go together, and what items cannot so it’s best to have them around once you start packing. They also have storage boxes that you can use to store your items for an additional cost.


Years of experience in the business should also be considered in choosing your local furniture movers and that’s something that the folks at B & B Movers have. These senior movers have been in the industry for about thirty-five years and they have been serving homes and offices all over Jacksonville specifically Fleming Island, Southside, Nocatee, Mandarin, Ponte Vedra, and Argyle. They do short distance and long distance moving services for their clients.

Three and a half decades in the moving industry is no easy feat, which is why these numbers speak volumes on the quality of wok that B & B Movers provide for their clients. They are one of the first few moving companies based in Jacksonville and up to this day, people seek for their help in packing, storing, and moving their products. Thirty-five years also tells you that these people are legal, and are not one of those scam artists who pretend to show concern just so they can steal your money. They have the licenses and certificates to prove that they are a legal company.

B & B Movers are also classified as budget movers since their products and services do not cost an arm and a leg. They understand that budget is the primary concern of most of their clients. This family owned and operated moving company provide premium service at an affordable price. Another thing that should be pointed out about B & B Movers is that they know how to treat their clients properly. They understand the stress that people go through when moving and they want to lift that burden off their client’s back. They also understand that inside those storage boxes are items that you value dearly, that’s why they will handle those boxes with extreme caution.

To know more about their products and services, you can send them an email at bandbmovers@comcast.net. You can also all their landline at (904) 997-1844. If you live near their office, you can pay them a visit at 3340 Forest Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246. They will be more than willing to introduce you to their staff and show you the tools and equipment that they will be using . Their office is open Mondays through Sundays, from 8:00 in the morning up to 8:00 in the evening.